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When you join our community of curious travelers, you will engage with Indonesia Cultural and Natural Sciences through Jelajah Outdoor lens, enjoying a memorable, immersive, and transformative experience. And, importantly, your participation benefits the work of local people throughout the archipelago, helping them to make a better living by encouraging them to preserve and celebrate what we cherish from our common past, present and future.

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Jelajah Outdoor working with local resources, NGO’s, Communities through out Indonesia. On any given trip, you’ll travel with intellectual curiuos, worldly, and adventurous life-long learners, and forge lasting friendship with others who share your passion for deeper learning and exploration.



WIth years of experience in outdoor education, corporate outdoor event, kids and school outdoor event, Jelajah Outdoor always choose our staff wisely. Plus, with years good connection with local resources will give Jelajah Outdoor ahead start in creating a realistic and experience-rich program.



Travelers return again and again due to the fun and engaged learning at the core of every Jelajah outdoor tour. You’ll revel in the meaningful enrichment and insider perspectives brought by insightful, experienced, and charismatic Jelajah Outdoor Experts Facilitator, Trip Leader and Guides.

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5D4N Favorite Kashmir and Agra Tour by Chaloholidays

Experience the richness of Indian culture on this classic 5-day tour of India’s Wonder and Kashmir. Explore the most magical cities of India – Delhi, India’s capital, Agra, home of the world famous Taj Mahal , an enthralling historical city and Kashmir at the foot of the snow capped Himalayas.

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From Rp 12,000,000.00

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